The First Place Polevik Entry

The Polevik Entry # 4

Ok so pendulous beast breasts, hammertoes, homemade scoliosis brace and cheerleader skirt aside, doesn’t it look a lil like that frog is trying to keep those chickens from kicking that Polevik’s ass? Oh and side note, big fan of the way that grass grows out of that mis-shapen noggin btw, very natural!

Judge’s Commentary – So the fun part of running this myself (beyond the obvious people send me funny pictures of mythical beasts most every week) is when i see a wrong, I can right it! Personally I thought this artist got robbed in battle Kraken, so he got a few bonus points for that… but there are enough oddly placed elements and mysteries in this one that he might have got it anyways… I mean whats with the frilly sleeves? or are those like old west arm garters? what’s sticking out of his back? a kickboard? Why am i even saying he? doesnt he have breasts and a skirt? I mean I honestly want to be able to pan out a lil just to see if it aids in understanding… and since i can’t, and i get left wanting… he wins!


  1. g ball says:

    Yay! Thank you! 😀

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