The Third Place Polevik Entry

The Polevik Entry # 6

Man and i thought i had a tiny little butt! I’m entertained that the normally wonky eyes of a seanbeast have been replaced here with a laser eyed precision to watch over his field for napping oafs… that or that’s not a horse lead, he’s on a giant meat hook, and those eyes are so focused on the far away but slowly approaching glow of death!

Judge’s Commentary – Dammit cause I just can’t stop laughing at this one… I mean i think my favorite Seanbeasts are the ones in hooded costumes, Your Bee Sean or astronaut Sean but dammit there’s something too good about this one… Whether it be that his neck is thicker than his thighs, that soft sad slouch, the fact that he could put that whole tiny hand up his still undersized schnoz or is it those damn freckles… I bet it’s the f*cking freckles! Regardless, well played

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