The Second Place Polevik Entry

The Polevik Entry # 7

Man this is kinda amazing! I’m not entirely sure i read Polevick off this but i sure as hell see a cross between the woman at the gas station who still buys Virgina Slim 100s with a f*cking beautiful bulb of fennel!… well technically I think that’s dandelion or at least a yellow thistle of some sort… but i know you see it too!

Judge’s Commentary – Anytime a beast looks like it would be delicious roasted with a lil bit of bacon, olive oil, cheese shavings n pine nuts, I’m down… But beyond that I like to imagine that someday when Beth has done what she’s gonna do in her time and decides it’s the time to revisit all of her beast sketches with her easel watercolors, and beret while she overlooks her estate… she’ll remember cause of this judgement that I want this one, and she’ll really make those yellows sing!

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