The Polevik

The Deformed, Slavic Dwarf, With Grass for Hair and a Habit of Running Over Sleeping People With Horses!

So let’s be honest, I had some high hopes for extending our format to two weeks. But, after a few tries, seems to me we can call it a bit of a fail. So quite simply, we’re going back to 1 week, dirty, fast n fun. And we’re doing it with a murderous slavic dwarf, in hopes of breathing some life back in the game.

Here’s what we’ve got and I’m lifting this straight from wikipedia partially cause i know next to nothing about said beast, and partially cause the entry is tagged as inaccurate and I do so love to give you guys only partially valid information so: Polevik in Slavic mythology are field spirits that appear as a deformed dwarfs with different coloured eyes and grass instead of hair. They appear either at noon or sunset and wear either all black or all white suits. According to local beliefs they lead wandering people in a field astray, give them diseases or ride them over with their horses if they are found asleep.

If a person falls asleep on the job after drinking, the Polevik might murder them. Appeasing the Polevik requires two eggs, a rooster, a toad, and a crow placed in a ditch when no one is looking.

Now you get a lot of graphic elements with this one, black or white suits, straw hair, wacky Bowie eyes, and a flair for murder by mare, so you know have fun. I’m going to judge this one and try and throw a shirt at whoever i think is best hitting what I envision to be the sweet spot somewhere between genius, offensive and adorable or is that horrible… I always forget… so do your worst and lets see where that gets us!
judgement Is Complete

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