The First Place Slide Rock Bolter Entry

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 4

I like that they both look equally surprised! And if we learned anything from Sharknado 2 (i think it was 2 at least?) is all this lumberjack has to do to survive, is hold his axe up firmly in front of him and said Slide-Rock Bolter will simply pass by on both sides! I mean given it’ll be messy and a chainsaw is a better option than an axe, but a positive attitude is very important in a survival situation!

Judge’s Commentary – So what with the odd real life landslides coinciding with this weeks beast I sorta feared this one was going no where… and given we were a lil slow but dammit if this one doesnt make me smile everytime i see it… something about the energy and happiness in a cartoon eyed surprise we all latch onto, I suppose… but I’d rather just call it ITNet’s greatness!

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