The Third Place Slide Rock Bolter Entry

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 5

So two things i really like about this guy are that he has a lil angler fish lure, but when you take into account his size, odds are that lil fake worm meant to attract prey is probably 70 feet long, and second, I’m pretty sure this guy has grown way past the point of peak potential energy and if he ever releases that tail odds are he’s not moving more than a few feet!

Judge’s Commentary – I think this one is pretty obvious… cause your when your Slide-Rock Bolter sits around the mountain…. he sits aaaarooouund the mountain! This thing is getting up on space whale size! Also those eyes stalks are amazing!


  1. wizzpizz says:

    This picture is so cool. He is already at the bottom of the hill, with his meal just out of reach.

  2. g ball says:

    Hehehe, Thanks fella. :)

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