The Third Place Feral Children Entry

The Feral Children Entry # 10

“These dear children can’t help but ruminate on what it means to be raised by ungulates. They can rein in their manners when it behooves them, but don’t expect them to fawn over strangers. Or wolves…” – Haha! dammit are they even considered puns when they are that tightly packed? well played! Plus I’m always a fan of blackened soulless eyes on kids!

Judge’s Commentary! – So while my personal tastes tend to run a bit more frightening, i tend to judge with a heavy lean towards jolly… but there’s something so quietly weird about this one and the understatedly dramatic hoof grafts on the limbs of these ghoul eyed kids that I can’t let it go unrecognized! Plus it’s from new blood, and whats a better welcome than a taste of the realm of victory!

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