The First Place Feral Children Entry

The Feral Children Entry # 11

So beyond the fact that this looks like and amazing cover for “Ramona, Beezus, and Their Feral Family of Furry Night Thieves” I can’t help but think that this one is holding a perfectly intact portobello cap and for some reason I find that and especially funny garbage find!

Judge’s Commentary! – I can tell its about time for me to start sharing judging responsibilities again as this week was kinda tough! But this one gets the win cause while I initially saw it at face value of a modern mixed raccoon family going about their daily errands… Upon closer inspection, I’m pretty sure this is more a promo for tripping balls! I mean they’re obviously having a pretty good time and our feral, seems to be seeing, if not the future, at least an alternate time line in that blackened stream of refuse! Plus we gotta give extra points for obvious jean short inclusion!

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