The Second Place Feral Children Entry

The Feral Children Entry # 13

So what if it came a lil bit late, it’s got a freshly hung human pinata in a woods full of slightly hard to spot ferals and their feathery friends! Plus I dig that it has that sorta rough storyboard-y feel of evolving shadows and shapes that my brain sorta likes to find it’s own way through.

Judge’s Commentary! – I’m so entertained by the whiteboard as medium! I imagine it kind of like a poet on wormwood, there’ll be all these legends about how the dry erase fumes in a small closed environment that made for the great freeform creativity also ate holes in your brain! Had you not come in a good while after the buzzer I feel this coulda been our winner, so remember kids.. draw early, it’s way easier and tremendously lessens your chances of judgement day sadness!

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