The First Place Monopod Entry

The Monopod Entry # 7

“I have one leg, I have one leg…” Man I’ve been doing yoga for quite a few years now and i cant even come close to smoking through my ear! To quote my wife “That’s why they call it practice” What’s funny is how close this probably is to what our legendary early explorers really saw!

Judge’s Commentary – Now I tend to complain about judges giving in to the pull of a talented artist over the fun ones, but I also said new guys get extra credit and this guy popped in a few contests back and has consistently been throwing out well rendered but fun beasts. So in all fairness I cant make him wait forever… well i could but I’d be pretending that this one didn’t hit the sweet spot with me… cause it sort of hits the beast on tehnose, bright green scrunchi or not that hair looks smelly as hell, and I’m remarkably entertained at how wrong yet well balanced it appears.

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