The Monopod

The Ancient Humanoid With A Singular Giant Shade Giving Foot!

So you gotta love some of earths early explorers and how the few folks who wrote back then could telephone game the information into some damn entertaining beastly goodness… I mean maybe you saw a giraffe? But a leopard spotted Questing Beast is way more fun to say.

So when you come across the listing for India’s Monopod or Monocoli in Pliny the Elder’s Naturialis Historia I suppose you could do enough backwards engineering to figure that maybe it was possibly a reference to a yogi standing in tree pose or some similar single legged position. But again it’s a hell of a lot more fun to just say wow that sounds great! We should draw funny pictures of it! and roll with the description and that is as follows:

  • Humanoids with a single giant leg starting from their midsection
  • A single giant foot on said giant leg
  • During the afternoons, they would recline and use said giant foot to shield themselves from the sun
  • Said singular limb seemed to make them capable of hopping faster than most men could run
  • And if that’s not enough they were known to have remarkable agility
  • Most stories come from India but there are a few references from Ethiopia as well

As is the new plan, Winner Gets a Shirt! I judged again so you got extra points if you’re new, or have never won or if you’re really bad, or really good… you get the point, just do your worst!

Judgement Is Complete! See the results of this battle posted below!

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