The Pukis

Europe’s Two Foot Long, Flaming Tailed, Neighbor Robbing, House Dragon!

So in old European beastly folklore there’s a bit of a gray area where dragons get real small and housebound and generally take on lots of the attributes of your standard house spirit, and the lines between the two get blurred. The Pukis seems to be one of those tales.

Alternatively known as a Puk, or Pukys, your Pukis is a small four footed dragon that much like a Hobgoblin or Brownie, is usually bound to a house or a master within said house. They still do standard dragony things like being ill tempered, stealing and hording gold and shiny things from neighboring homes and villages… just imagine it on a much more house cat/pet ferret kinda scale. Sometimes they are described as having wings, sometimes without… but almost all of them have a flaming tail which is especially evident in the winged variety as they streak across the night sky. And you know the rest that i can find is sort vague, so we’ll simply leave the rest up to you.

Here’s the bullet-ed list of descriptors for the attention deprived:

  • A small four legged dragon
  • Bound to a house, property or master
  • Occasionally described as winged
  • Usually described with a flaming tail
  • Steals valuables and other shiny things from others for the betterment of it’s master

As is the new plan, Winner Gets a Shirt! I’m still judging for now so you get extra points if you’re new, or have never won or if you’re really bad, or really good… you get the point, just do your worst!

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