The Third Place Bereserker Entry

The Berserker Entry # 7

Yes so sinewy and tooth centric! Is it one too many head blows causing him to see those floating teeth, like so many cartoon birds? Is this the voltron like moment where all the bits get positioned before they slam together to form a mighty tooth shouldered warrior? Maybe he’s just standing in the snow covered lower jaw of a long dead viking sea beast? Regardless, needs more ween! ha!

Judge’s Commentary -so I’m realizing I probably should have just changed my judging criteria, cause this is potentially the weakest reasoning I’ve ever had for a placement… Cause while there is no visible ween, it did come with an apology for the lack of said ween and an explanation that given differing circumstances he would have included it and made it funnier and since its from my buddy who I’ve been hassling about drawing for years I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and remind him in his own words… “nothing wrong with appreciating the human form”!

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