The First Place Subterranean Reptoid Entry

The Subterranean Reptoid Entry # 3

Ha! You know I’m not one to say you have to follow every lil theme from old scifi/fantasy movies, but what makes the good ones so approachable is the general rules really do apply to everyday life: crush your enemies, stay on target, don’t join a vistor’s youth group etc… but if you really gotta go with one, for f*cks sake, never vote reptoid!

Judge’s Comments – This was a tough choice between two very strong political entries. And when talking about LA’s subterranean reptoids you can’t escape politics. I almost went with entry #7 but was put off by the blatant implication that our lizard friends are somehow spear wielding oppressors, meanwhile #3 comically suggests that people have some say in the matter and reptoids need to campaign. I LOL’d and LOL’d and LOL’d. And then I stopped. Because I don’t want to draw any suspicion or have to answer any questions. Everything is cool.

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