The Third Place Subterranean Reptoid Entry

The Subterranean Reptoid Entry # 6

Whoa that is one hell of a cloaca he’s smuggling in that jumper! I’m kinda in love with the Choose your own adventure action pose and the fact that I’m pretty sure there is some Bossk reference being used for those lizardy feets! Well that or Reptoids just dig capris?

Judge’s Comments – I ‘mediately smiled when I saw this one because I envision it to be the poster for a space b-movie from the 60’s produced by subterranean reptoids. We all know they hold secret power in the city so this is entirely likely. In fact it’s possible this exists and the artist here just stole it from some underground cinema that plays old lizard flicks but even in that case I’m awarding it because I wouldn’t dare break into one of those theaters.

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