The Second Place Beast Of Bray Road Entry

The Beast of Bray Road Entry # 4

I don’t know… this one’s kinda cheesey! yessss! Owwwww Owwwww ArrroooooOOOOOOO! Seriously though I want someone to launch the Beast of Bray road frozen pizza line with this art… You know the one that’s howlingly good!

Judge’s Comments – So I was absolutely sure this one was getting the win for like a week and a half now… and here’s the problem with me judging, I’m a big last minute decision swapper for lil to no valid reason … I love every last part of its cheesey goodness but in the end I think i felt it hit the mark too perfectly (aka its not you its me) but also welcome and congrats to you… I’m betting you’ll have a shirt coming soon if you play again!

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