The Beast of Bray Road

It’s a Werewolf Weened on Wisconsin Cheese!

Ah Wisconsin! Land of cows, fish, forests and fun! Where someday you’ll find me in my geodesic lakeside microfarm populated with tiny goats, donks and surrounded by beastly topiaries. Until then, I just have to be satisfied with visiting as often as possible. And for this battle, drawing your second most popular beasts! (hodag of course being #1)

Now if you’re like me, you generally associate lycanthropes with old europe but let’s be honest, if you’re like me, you’re also wrong all the time! Cause there’s most definitely something wolfy in the woods outside Elkhorn!

I’m not gonna bore you with too many details or witness accounts. Just know if you want ’em, the internet is chock full and there’s even a full fledged movie about him that airs on syfy about this time each year! Mostly here’s what you need to know. It looks like a werewolf, meaning half man half wolf. It’s big, about 7-8 feet on two feet, and about 3-4 feet on all fours and estimates put it at between 400-700 lbs. It’s covered in long grey and brown hair, has a ferocious toothsome maw and most sightings have it somewhere near a roadside (I’m guessing cause that’s where people are looking). Anyway smash that with what you know about Wisconsin, and we done got ourselves a summertime beastly battle!

Winner still gets a shirt. Points will be given for hilarity, adorability, newness of artist, humorous wisconsin references jean short and fern inclusion… you get the point, oh and feel free to include your own caption if you want.

I’m not even giving you the bulleted list cause all i need to say is: It’s a 7 foot werewolf from Wisconsin!

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