The Far Gorta

Ireland’s Skinniest Fairy!

So My birthday and Anniversary both fall during this battle so instead of just putting you all on hold whilst I stumble about drunkenly ignoring the internet, I’m gonna turn the reigns over to MBWs chief recruiter and resident Seanism expert, Sneurat! She’s been on board since day one so she knows the score, and she’s fresh from a trip to Ireland so ideally she’s now an expert on all things emerald and isle-y.

So here’s what we’ve got… The Far Gorta or Fear Gortach or simply the Man of Hunger is a wretched emaciated Fairy from Ireland. He sports barely enough flesh to cover his bones. And on top of that barely enough rags to even scantily cover said gaunt frame. Sometimes bearded like a hermit sometimes sickly and covered in sores. He shows up during times of famine and begs passersby for help (or as old folklore says he seeks alms).

Now being a fairy there is of course some level of trickery and mischief to his action… those who offer help or donate freely will be blessed with good luck and prosperity for the hard years to come, and those who shun him or turn there back are cursed to suffer some calamity that will eventually send them down the path to learn what real hunger feels like themselves. So you know, one of the rare instances where feeding the trolls seems to pay off!

Now for those of you who do their own research, there’s a version of this tale where the fairy is replaced with a patch of grass with an uncoffined corpse beneath it. This “hungry grass” if not fed leftover crumbs from travelers will make said travelers painfully hungry… but I mean, its grass, if you can draw it funny, feel free to impress us, but mostly I just wanna mention it so no one gets confused.

Winner still gets a shirt. Extra points will be given for hilarity, adorability, newness of artist, vague and humorous Irish folklore references, jean shorts and fern inclusion… you get the point… make us laugh and be rewarded!

Feel free to include your own caption if you want. And remember dammit, it’s my birthday and I like lots of beast drawings, so get to it!

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