The First Place Thunderbird Entry

The Thunderbird Entry # 7

So I’m not sure if any of you have watched the “lost skeleton of cadavra” but main dude in the movie talks a hell of a lot about “doing science” and that’s always entertained me to no end, so it makes me pretty damn happy that we officially have some artists who I can say “do science”. How do i know you ask?… cause it came with this note “It is a very sophisticated ethanol-resistant marker on photographic film that needed to be aesthetically improved after a failed Western Blot…” and to that I say “yaaaay science!” also “yaay electric snakes”!

Judge’s Comments – This one’s easy, for three reasons, actually four… you don’t yet have a shirt, the proper spelling of “halp”, sweet ass electric snakes and as the internet says… Americah!

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