The Second Place Thunderbird Entry

The Thunderbird Entry # 9

Well dammit if that’s not really pretty! I’m especially fond of the bio-tribal patterning. Plus it looks like you’re using Bill Alexanders old “mighty sky blue”! And finally how cool is it you’re also saving a spot for the second place badge, get it, second place, cause there’s no way your beating me…. neveeeeeer!!! haha!

Judge’s Comments – I’ll admit that when they first started selling us on the dinosaurs had feathers schtick, I was a bit resistant to the idea… I mean at that point I’d already been drawing em without for over a decade, and everyone knows Chips hate change… but I mean if they looked this bad ass… I suppose that’s ok… 😉


  1. G Ball says:

    Wowza! That is amazing!

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