The Onocentaur

Half Man, Half Donkey and All Ass!

Sometimes you just gotta appreciate the simplicity of a good two beast hybrid! No reason to always have to draw a million talon clawed legs and giant feathered wings. Sometimes its easier to concentrate on capturing the spirit of your beast with fewer descriptors. So here’s what we’re working with this week:

  • Top half of a human man
  • Bottom half of a donkey or ass
  • The donkey half is covered in gray fur with a white belly
  • The human head is surrounded by thick mane-like hair
  • His soul is torn between that of beast and man
  • Will starve itself to death if captured
  • Occasionally helps Sirens attack sailors

That’s really all you should need! We’re back to our trademark weekly schedule. Winner still gets a shirt. As always, extra points will be given for hilarity, adorability, newness of artist, funny “ass jokes”, jean short and fern inclusion… you get the point… Have fun, make us laugh and be rewarded! And Feel free to include your own caption if you want.

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