the First Place Ogre Vs Pukwudgie Entry

The Ogre Vs The Pukwudgie Entry # 14

See, if you listen really close, you can hear it. The world just got a lil bit better! I mean I have no idea if that face is asking “where did that damn pukwudgie go?” or if that’s an expression of pure sloth-like joy? but I know I like it!

Judge’s Commentary – Ok so this one’s not from a newbie, but it’s been a while since cate won and dammit… How can I not… so much confusion, I mean is that a bellow? if so why? sadness? joy? lost pukwudgie? Look at those ogre boobs (ogoobs?) and that horrendous toof spacing? It’s like you made this just to make me happy and I appreciate that!

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