the Third Place Ogre Vs Pukwudgie Entry

The Ogre Vs The Pukwudgie Entry # 5

So as much as I wanna pick on this heavy browed ogre’s understanding of how good relationships work, I think I’m more entertained that our lil pukwudgies idea of fixing things involves an arrow to the face… cause while I’m not and expert, I’m pretty sure that’s not how things are supposed to work either!

Judge’s Commentary – So first off, extra points for your first drawing, and welcome! I’m entertained that both you and the second place artist decided that arrows should be shot differently than previously determined best… how sad as the cute lil ogre with no self respect? and How F’ing cute is that sad lil ziggyesque pukwudgie? though I gotta say, randomly, i sorta want him to have some silly tall ass moccasins…

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