The Cynocephali

The Dog Headed Humans of Medieval Heraldry

Medieval Europeans are not usually famed for their accurate descriptions of newcomers nor strangers. But I’m pretty sure you can put those concerns aside in this case. As it’s way easier to believe that the Cynocephali were an African/Middle Easterly people affected with what seems to be a case of gigantism combined with your common dog headism… vs believing that 4,5 or even a few more storytellers could have misrepresented a few traits to make the antagonists in their stories a lil spicier? Plus if it weren’t true, I’m sure history would have sorted it all out…

So here’s what we’re working with

  • Body of a human being
  • Head of a dog or jackal
  • Unnaturally strong and thick necked
  • Dark skinned and hairy
  • Communicate by barking
  • Appears commonly on medieval heraldry
  • (I’m just assuming this one but…) Really good at cards

and there you go! Keep in mind St Christoper was supposedly a Cynocephali, so yes, even old dog headed barbarians can be taught new tricks. I’m trying to swap some things around on the site so giving us a full two weeks again. And if you’ve never drawn, dammit get in here and do so as I like giving newcomers shirts!

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