The First Place Jersey Devil Entry

The Jersey Devil Entry # 7

Haha! So I’m trying to mesh the opposing interpretations here. The beast drawing fan side of me loves the silly devil hair, jean shorts, case of tiny foot and awkward posturing… but there is like a hostage negotiators level of concern in those hands and that forward lean that makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn’t check to make sure there’s not something behind me!

Judge’s Commentary – So I haven’t even checked but pretty sure its been forever since sneurat and her seanist beasts has won, and while I thought it’d get old eventually… I get proven wrong time and again. I mean… do the imaginary math on the thickness of that forearm and BEST case that nipple is 4 inches above his jean shorts waist line which i cant leave unrewarded… Plus the earwig’s tail sorta creeps me out!

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