The Mummy

Everyone’s Favorite, Bandaged, Brainless, Potpourri Stuffed and Cursed Egyptian Beast!

Well it’s Halloween week! We’ve already done pop cultures famed Great Pumpkin, the ever mysterious and hard to capture Ghost, and the all encompassing Beasts in Costumes… so time to get international with our festive Samhain draw off and test the limits of your bandaged limb drawings!

So I’m gonna skip the full on Egyptologist’s history lesson here and go with the basic halloween costume description which is as follows.

  • Generally considered important figures in life
  • Often have had brains removed to have it replaced with fragrant potpourri
  • Wrapped from head to toe in cloth bandages
  • Occasionally accessorized with a fanciful headdress, ankh tipped staff or striped groin wrap
  • Tend to repeat the same slowly groaned phrase
  • Famed for their curse. Now what that means… we’ll leave to you…

It’s a holiday week, I know folks will be busy readying costumes, spells, pumpkins and such so no judging, dont worry about being good at drawing, lets just see if we can get a hell of a lot of fun mummies or something vaguely resembling a mummy up there!

As always please send your drawings to Please submit entries to this address

And Halloween is next sat so lets just do a week so

Submissions for The Mummy will be due by midnight the evening of Friday the 30th

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