The Turkey 2015

It’s That Time of Year When We Show Thanks With Stupid Drawings of Silly Fowl!

Man! It’s already that time! My favorite draw! Time to show your appreciation and thanks for the year of chortles, chuckles, gasps and that vague feeling of befuddlement or worry that you, a weird ass group of humorous Mythical Beast Draw-ers provide for one another throughout the year!

All that! Just by drawing turkeys!

So, make ’em good, make ’em bad, scribble ’em with crayons, charcoal or pens, cut ’em out of paper, trace em off your hand, draw us a world where elder turkeys gods rule over a light less world, filled with impossibly pale, fish eyed people, or maybe you’ve always wanted to do a feathery self portrait with a gobbler? or maybe ghost turkeys are you’re thing with their softly echoing calls growing ever closer, and now closer still…. hahaha…. We don’t care, so long as you can show us you’re out there and like to laugh about silly drawings like the rest of us.

Our record for submissions is still from the turkey 2012, but we came damn close with last year’s Turkey 2014 so spread the word, make your whole family draw while you wait for the food, or when they are sleepy full after the meal and incapable of resistance! Let’s warm up your doodlers, scanners, phone cameras and let’s do it again, but this time with feeling!

Remember turkeys won’t be judged, simply appreciated! And as always please send submissions to
Please submit entries to this address

Please feel free to include your own caption or text with your entry, I may add a snippet here or there but I’ll try to stay true to your original intent. On your marks, get set, draw!

Submissions for the Turkey are due by midnight the evening of Friday the 27th

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