The Flying Reindeer

Santa’s Cloven Hooved Airborne Army

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! Where presents rain from the sky like fire, the frozen night echos with “Ho’s” and oh how the nog flows! Which means one thing! It’s time to draw our holiday beast!

You know this years beast you love this years beast (unless you are pre foggy night rudolph) and now you get to draw em! Don’t be saddled with descriptions, they’re reindeer and they f*cking fly! How you ask? Cause they’re f*cking magical as hell… If you want em wing walking on a barnstorming biplane, do it! If you feel like doodling a full circus tent of freaking reindeer acrobats, well it’s the holidays, I have no right to stop you. Just put pencil to paper and make with the magic cause all of us are waiting to see what you got!

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