The Orang Pendek

Sumatra’s Pint Sized Ginger Haired Sasquatch

Finally getting back to our Squatch’n round the world series with this bad boy! While you may have though Sumatra was full of nothing more that Rat Monkeys. You’d be wrong! As it’s also home to the worlds shortest, reddest ‘squatch! Here’s what your working:

  • A hairy biped who’ maxes out at about a meter high (that’s roughly a yard to you and me)
  • Some say he’s covered in black gray hair, but the overwhelming lore has him colored orangutangishly
  • Incredibly powerful with an upper body that dwarfs it’s diminutive legs
  • Has tiny feet that point outwards with divergent big toes (think thumb)
  • Rumored to be mostly herbivorous, known to raid farms for crops but favors ginger and durian
  • Possesses a large apelike sloped skull with prominent brow ridge but human like nose and slender mouth
  • Famously dimwitted and easily fooled

That’s about it! Most of you know the routine, and those of you that don’t, well I bet you can figure it out!

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