Everything You Need To Know To Draw A Pegasus

The Pegasus

The Ancient Greek’s White, Winged, Wonderhorse!

That’s right! The Pegasus! Upon mentioning this, I like to imagine i can hear 1000 lil Tina Belcher like groans of over excitement…. That’s right, not just a beautiful white magical horse… A beautiful white magical horse with F’ing wings!

Now according to wikipedia, the pegasus is perhaps the best known creature in greek mythology so I’m not going to complicate your vision too much. But I do feel in important to quickly mentioning it’s origin story as it’s always fun to know where a creature of such majesty came from. And “where’s that?” you ask? Well it seems our hero was birthed when the mighty Poseidon mixed some sea foam (yep I said sea foam) with the blood of the the freshly decapitated gorgon medusa… sit on that for second… then forget about it and start drawing

Here’s you official bullet point descriptors

  • It’s A beautiful, magical white horse with freaking wings!
  • Can fly to and from olympus without issue and known to transport lightning and thunder for Zeus
  • It’s mother was Medusa and it’s father God of the Sea
  • Looks really good on lunch boxes, the cover of folders and trapper keepers alike

Judgement Is Complete

The First Place Pegasus EntryOur Judge this beast was Mr Jim Thaxton, developer extraordinaire, kaiju afficianado and a buddy of mine at work. His Judgement is as Follows:

My favorite is #3 – Pegasus in Flight

There is emotion in that face, and the fact that the artist chose paper towel, which is a difficult medium, to express this Pegasus is amazing. It also made me laugh out loud because I know exactly how that horse feels. True artistry.

Now #5 and #2 are really great runner up entries. The love in #5, perfect. And the adorkable #2 is like the Pink Floyd pig that floated away and evolved into a pegasus so it could explain to people why it was flying through the air… all those years later.

And #7 – Space pegasus. Need I say more about that evolution from pig to pegasus to space pegasus. There’s a story here.


There you go! Fight it as long as you wish but know the judge’s word is law. And even though the contest is done we’ll always welcome new Pegasus drawings for the archives! So draw on and remember, 25 beasts drawn earns you a shirt!



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