Everything You Need To Know To Draw The Selkies

The Selkies

The Sealskin Wearing, Most Sought After of European Merspouses

So it’s been a while since I just full on stole from one of my books, but the last line in this description is solid enough, that to pretend I came up with it, would be a disservice to the original author, so may I present, as described in the Mythical Creatures Bible, the Selkies:

Selkies are legendary creatures in Irish, Scottish and Icelandic folklore. They are generally imagined as seals that can transform themselves into human beings, usually beautiful women, Selch means “seal in the dialect of Scotland’s Orkney Islands.

Most stories told about Selkies are romantic tragedies. A lonely fisherman comes across a group of Selkies who have shed their seal skins to sun themselves on the rocks. He steals the skin of of one of the Selkies, which forces her to live on land and to become his wife. Though the couple may have children, who according to some legends will have webbed fingers and toes, the Selkie is always on the lookout for her sealskin. When she finds it she escapes to the sea, leaving her human husband desolate. Another legend holds that if a lonely fisherman’s wife sheds seven tears into the sea, a handsome male Selkie will emerge from the waves to make love to her.

So there you have it, I’m not even giving you bullet points this time, just combine a seal a person and a whole lotta lovin and see what ya get.

Judgement Is Complete

The First Place Selkie Entry

Our celebrity judge for this beast: Penny Ekkert!

I first met Penny 15 years or so ago, working at Playboy, where she was managing production at the Chicago photo studio. She’s one of those uniquely helpful folks we all appreciate, who always knew who to ask, or where to go to get stuff done. When that office eventually imploded and we all went our separate ways, we lost touch for a bit. But when I heard that someone was directing a few of my friends to produce extravagant romance novel covers, it made all the sense in the world that it was Penny! I’m hoping that experience makes her the perfect fit as judge for battle Selkie (the most romantical merfolk).

Now keep in mind she’s officially schooled at the Art Institute and is now a creative exec at the juggernaut that is Inhaus MillerCoors, so safe to assume, she knows her stuff… And while you may or not agree, her word is law! So, in her own words “I will go with Entry #5. The expression captures a romantic tragedy perfectly, and her seal coat appears soft and supple. Any man would find that rubbery appearance irresistible.”

Personally I’m entertained that any man finds rubbery things irresistible, but I cant question her judgement as those is teh rules! And even though the contest is done we’ll always welcome new Selkie drawings for the archives! So draw on and remember, 25 beasts drawn earns you a shirt!


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