Everything You Need To Know To Draw The Momo

The Momo

Missouri’s Own Swamp Scented, Picnic Eating Sasquatch!

Things have been a lil slow round these parts last few beasts, so time to get back to our core competency; drawing freaking sasquatches! Everyone can draw a sasquatch, it’s like a person with less definition! If you try and think you’ve failed… send it in anyways, I bet I can find value in it (that’s kinda what I do). The point is to get you folks drawing and it’s always easier drawing when you draw fun stuff! And the more of you that send pics the easier it is for newbies to quietly sneak in and try… Now that aside, let’s get you what you need!

Momo is short for “Missouri Monster”, he (in this instance all my books say “he” but feel free to break that ceiling) ticks off all of your basic sasquatch points in that he’s tall, hairy, smelly and leaves giant footprints, but my favorite part of his legend is how often this one seems to interact with humans. He’s famed for accosting people on hikes with a yeowling bark, and scaring folks off their camping grounds in hopes of some abandoned food. And while it feels especially Yogi Bear, one of his favorite activities to break up?… Picnics! and his favorite picnic treat? Well Peanut Butter & Jelly of course… (Having never taken PB&J on a picnic, I find that an odd detail… but hell, I’m not from Missouri, maybe that’s what everyone does?)

Now he’s also pretty famous for eating peoples dogs, both alive and recently dead… and he occasionally steals children, so if you wanna go gore, you got that option.

So that’s what you get! Here’s the Bulleted list of descriptors for those who never read the above!

  • He’s from Missouri, specifically the wooded areas along the Mississippi
  • Approximately 7 feet tall and covered in long matted black hair
  • Said to give of a horrendous odor somewhere between death and stagnant swamp water
  • Some descriptions call out an abnormally large, pumpkin shaped head
  • Known to challenge/charge humans in hopes of scaring them off food/livestock/children
  • Their favorite food is Peanut Butter and Jelly… and dog
      our judgeFrom Cowtown to Hannibal, Ricky ‘Show Me’ Bigbuckle is the most bonafide, fast-talking, CMT chart-topping outlaw country musician and cryptid-hunting cowboy in the great state of Missouri. When he says he’s ‘going to Vegas,’ you know he’s really talking about Branson. He’s danced with more than a few Momos in his day, and his master’s degree in Mighty Fine Art from Big Muddy University doesn’t tolerate coloring outside the lines. Some say he took Mark Twain on his first steamboat ride and even showed Jesse James the importance of personal banking. He is known to frequent late-night Momo hootenannies and haunted Knob Noster hoedowns while scrutinizing mythical beast scribblings with his all-seeing cockeye.

Judgement Is Complete
Our Winning Momo DrawingWhile all of the Momo drawing entries were mighty fine art, this piece truly captures the voluptuous curves, the sensual disposition and the intellectual refinement of this alluring creature. The image took me back to a simpler time when Momos enchanted human society with their seductive qualities, and the tree branches hung low with an abundance of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

So that’s it! Disagree if you must but know the judges word is law! And While the contest aspect of this beast is done please feel free to draw one and send it in and we’ll add it to the archives. Remember 25 beasts drawn earns you a shirt!



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