Everything You Need to Draw 2016’s version of the Turkey!

the turkey page topper

2016’s Edition of Our Annual Festive Feathered Fowl Scrawl

Gobble Freaking Gobble! It’s that time again! Time to share your thankfulness that other beast drawers exist, by making stupid drawings of birds and sending em in so we can share with everyone!

Here’s the deal, everyone can draw a turkey… and if you can’t, trace your hand, if you don’t have a hand, have your friend trace theirs, if you don’t have… well we’re getting off track, and a lil sad… but the point is, you can probably piece together a silly bird… So that’s what we ask you do!

I pondered a theme for this one, like Post Apocalyptic Turkey, Turkeys with “Rage”, Turkeys in Space etc… but its always more interesting to let you stumble on the dusty corners of your psyche on your own, and hell, with the current emotional state of some of us, I bet drawing a Care Bear style “Hugs-a-Lot” turkey might feel really nice. Do what you need, I’m not going to judge (get it? cause turkey drawings can’t be judged, only appreciated! It’s the magic of the beast!)…

So spread the word, get your friends drunk/or somethin, and make them draw, convince your whole family to draw while you wait for the holiday meal, or if you wanna be evil, wait til later, when they are sleepy, full, and incapable of resistance! We just ask that you have fun with it, cause when you have fun drawing, we have fun admiring!

Here’s some descriptors to work with, feel free to use, exaggerate or completely ignore:

  • It’s a large bird that’s been bred to be abnormally plump and busty
  • Famed for being “Moist” (while unimportant, i know lots of folks who hate that word, so had to)
  • Has a long red fleshy ornament (called a snood) that grows from the forehead over the bill
  • Has a fleshy kinda sea creature looking wattle growing from its throat
  • Has some crazy long feathers sticking from it’s chest (called a beard)
  • Possess seemingly randomly placed spikes about its body, sorta like Conan’s varied pit fighting armor… only on a bird and without the underlying armor part
  • Can run crazy fast for a top heavy, fat bird, full of goo
  • It eats seeds, insects, and an occasional frog, lizard or…?
      Remember turkeys won’t be judged, so no official prizes, but you can walk away knowing you’ve made a lot of us smile, laugh out loud, gasp in horror or slowly back away shaking our heads in amazement! So get to it, and know that I offer my thanks to you drawers, cause week after week, year after year, you make life a lil more fun and I couldn’t do this without you!


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