Everything You Need To Know To Draw Chicago’s Flying Humanoid

Chicago's Moth Man

Otherwise known as “Da Moth!”

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Sweet home Chicago! Land of square cut pies, mustaches and gunfire! Sure we have every big city’s overflowing goblet of ghost stories, but until very recently, we’ve been painfully free of doom bringing, winged, man shaped, mythical beasts! Well that pain ends now cause we got ourselves a mothman! So quickly, before our obvious, upcoming doom, we must draw it!

Now I could go into details about this fine city but those of us from here all know you’ve already got a horrible amalgam of pop culture sterotypes, SNL skits and satellite fed WGN coverage filling your opinion hole, and what’s the fun in spoiling that? So we’re going straight to descriptors.

  • From Chicago (you know “bang bang”)
  • Shaped like a man, though some say slightly larger
  • Has big ass wings, some say batty, some say feathery, some say moth so take your pick
  • Has been spotted near all the big tourist spots, Sears er I mean Willis Tower, the planetarium, Navy Pier etc..
  • You’d think this was obvious, but just in case, it flies And signals our Dooooom!

That’s what you’ve got! We’ve already done the Original Mothman so feel free to click here if you’d like more info (worth it for David Lee Moth alone). All I ask is you don’t try too hard and have fun! We’ll close off submissions for judgement midnight of Friday the 8th… As always, We’ll gather the judges council and pick one to win a shirt, so get your asses doodling!

Judgement Is Complete

Our Winning Chicago Moth Man drawingThe Judge’s Council has convened and verdict given! Here’s how it played out!

First came Judge Sneurat I’m going with ITNet, because nothing makes me think of home more than a Chicago style (veggie) hotdog. I also love his fuzzy head and gross color pallet!

Then Cody Said: Shit Chip, I’m going with your sausage fairy this week. Nothing scarier than a meat filled Chicago guy in a Loop t-shirt…

But Judge Ken Said: i’m voting for #6 based solely on the awesomeness of that lamp post.

Then Mona Said: Nothing says “Chicago” Mothman better then a doom bringer who can’t resist the call of a glowing light in what is obviously a nod to the windy city! Albeit if I saw this I’d be more concerned with his doom then mine.

And while there is a huge part of me that needs ITNET to get one of the newer shirts, I’m torn between 6’s actual goodness and 4’s straight up goofy… but everyone knows I’m voting goofy so Judge Chip votes for #4 cause I may not know art… But I know what I like!

Disagree if you must but know that judgement is law and to the winner a shirt will go…. Thanks to drawers and judges alike. And even though the contest is done we’ll always welcome new Chicago Flying Humanoid drawings for the archives! So draw on, and remember, 25 beasts drawn earns you a shirt!


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