Everything You Need To Know To Draw The Monster of Elizabeth Lake!

This Week the Monster Of Elizabeth Lake

The Bat Winged, San Andreas Fault Living, Long Lost Pet of the Devil

We’re finishing up Lake Monster Summer big, and by big I mean fifty feet tall and bat winged! Put yourself in California, in a massive lake (not one of them silly man made reservoirs) perched directly a top the San Andreas fault line. A lake, with it’s attached fissures, who could potentially, be so deep, that maybe, just maybe it was built as a gateway to hell. Least that’s how the legend goes, the Devil built the lake and left his pet to guard the gate… Mind you the pet hasn’t done a whole lot but be seen occasionally… but what a sight it must have been!

We’re going straight to descriptors.

  • Easily 50 feet tall (or long)
  • Flies out of the depths of the lake on giant bat wings
  • Has a gargoyle like head a top a long giraffe like neck
  • Also has six legs!
  • Birthed from evil! And now lives in California

That’s what you’ve got! All I ask is you don’t try too hard and have fun! we’re taking some extra time cause it’s still summer for a bit, so we’ll close off submissions for judgement midnight of Friday the 25th… As always, We’ll gather the judges council and pick one to win a shirt, so get your asses doodling!


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