Everything You Need To Know To Draw Vermont’s Pig Man

Vermont's Pig Man

The Green Mountain State’s Swine Slaughtering Savage


So this guy’s not in many of my books, but he did make an episode of Monsters & Mysteries in America which you can watch here and he’s all over the interwebs, so we’re calling him legit!

The story goes roughly like this, a kid disappeared from Northfield Vermont in like 1951, the whole town flipped out and searched for him for months, no trace of him was ever found. Some believed he simply ran away…

But others weave a much more sinister tale of a child possessed by something older and darker than man… Because first, pigs started disappearing, then folks started seeing a wild man, maybe with a pigs head, maybe with a pig carcass laid across his head like a cowl? Regardless he was skulking in the darkness looking piggy, scaring the hell out of folks. And continues to do so to this day…

Now maybe this is a horrible idea to include, but as the years have stacked up, the aspects of horror have as well, not only does he hollow pigs out, feasting on their entrails, but rumor is that he has been stealing the town’s best sows to further his half pig family… or maybe at that point they are only quarter pig… anyways… on to descriptors!

  • From Vermont, you know where Bob Newhart had a hotel, specifically in an area called the Devils Washbowl
  • Has lived alone in the woods for upwards of 60 years
  • Shaped like a man with a pigs head or wearing a pig carcass berserker style on his shoulders
  • Is known to be especially murdery towards pigs and farm animals, and not especially nice to peoples either
  • Maybe possessed by some old, dark, power unknowable, to man, or maybe he really really likes bacon and hates community?
  • Rumor has it, they are multiplying

That’s what you’ve got! We’ve been hurting for drawings, so if you’re here, reading this, give it a try! All I ask is you don’t try too hard and have fun! We’ll close off submissions for judgement midnight of Friday the 22nd… As always, We’ll gather the judges council and pick one to win a shirt, so get your asses doodling!

Judgement Is Complete

TheFirstPlacePigManEntryThe Judge’s Council hasn’t convened! But, here’s how judgement plays out!

Nobodies Perfect! I admit it, I talked with our judges all week, hell I’m married to one! But I never actually asked em for judgement of our glorious pig men… So instead of delaying the proceedings (cause I know you all depend on our clockwork accuracy) I’m going old school, and giving a shirt to the new guy! First, cause I’m pretty sure the rest of you have a shirt already. And second, cause that angry sow and her 13 million nipples makes me smile! So congrats New guy Frank! And apologies to Mr Brookens, as I’m relatively confident, had this gone to judgement, his asshat pig would have triumphed.

Disagree if you must but know that judgement is law and to the winner a shirt will go…. Thanks to drawers and judges alike. And even though the contest is done we’ll always welcome new Pig Man drawings for the archives! So draw on, and remember, 25 beasts drawn earns you a shirt!


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