Everything You Should Need to Know to Draw a Vampire!

The Vampire

The ever hungry, pointy toofed, and generally well dressed stealer of bodily fluids!


Now I assume every single one of you know what a vampire is… but just in case… It’s a creature from folklore that feeds on life essence, usually in the form of blood. Generally has pointy teeth, talks funny, hates light and sometimes turns into a bat.

So there are, at this point, a zillion differing varieties of vamps, from endlessly counting puppets to hollywood’s daywalkers to carrot color robbing bunniculas and I don’t honestly have a preference which way you go with this… Just know this is our Halloween special, we like funny sh*t and we don’t want you to spend years on it. But if you want to spend days airbrushing some sort of gothic vampire romance novel cover… well, I’ll be glad to poke fun at your choices for you!

I’m keeping this short so I lose fewer of you in the read and you can spend your time doodling… so get the F too it! or don’t you like halloweeen?

Judgement Is Complete

The First Place Vampire EntryThe Judge’s Council has convened and verdict given! Here’s how judgement for the Vampire played out!

Judge Ken
At first my vote was going to #8 because this pretty much encapsulates what it was like eating lunch with Chip and Cody on a daily basis. But truthfully I like #7 and want it on a T-shirt

Judge Cody
want #8 now because it also reminds me of our old amazing lunches that we’ll never again get to enjoy.

Judge Sneurat
I’m going with #9! No matter how many times Sean draws beasts flying though the air, they always make me laugh – and Chip’s caption made it even better!

Judge Mona
Ummmm # 3 they look like cucumbers with bunny feet and they are frigging adorable!

Judge Me
With single votes spread all around the pressure’s on me so I’m voting from the gut , and my gut, ripe with candy is thinking that a couple of spooning vampiric tube steaks is just what this contest needed! So Congrats! And I’ll be in touch about your shirt!

Disagree if you must but know that judgement is law and to the winner a shirt will go…. Thanks to drawers and judges alike. And even though the contest is done we’ll always welcome new Vampire drawings for the archives! So draw on, and remember, 25 beasts drawn earns you a shirt!


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