Everything you should need to know to draw the Pygmies!


They’re Small, Ride Goats & F’ing Hate Cranes!


Remember the Iliad? It’s possibly better if you don’t. But probably important to mention that these are the bird fighting dwarfs who first popped up in Homer’s ridiculously long war poem. And they lived on the coast of what is now India (not to be confused with the small, and very real, hunter gatherers from the Congo). Beyond that really all you have to know is this:

  • They lived on the shores of Oceanus (the river that wrapped the edge of the world)
  • Never taller than 27 inches (2 cubits), maybe a lil plump
  • 9 months of the year, they farmed, made sandals, played tiny lutes, ate smurfberries etc
  • 3 months of the year, they saddled their rams, goats and sheep, grabbed arrow and club and did battle with a bunch of long necked birds looking to winter on said occupied shore of the river at the end of the world
    • That’s what you’ve got! I need to start bullying more of you into drawing more soon, but for now I’ll just ask: Why wouldn’t you draw a tiny river person on a warsheep?

      Know we’ll close off submissions for judgement midnight of Friday the 8th… As always, We’ll gather the judges council and pick the one we feel most deserving, to win a shirt, so get your asses doodling!


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