Everything You Need To Know To Draw a Turkey (2017 edition)


Where we draw our Giant Breasted, Gobbly Necked, Razor Clawed and Tiny Winged Hero! To Show Thanks to all the other drawers!

So some of you know this story, some of you won’t. Long ago when MBW was an office thing, the weeks before thanksgiving were a lonely desolate time as lots of our drawers traveled home to see families or just had lots of time off to burn before years end. So we figured, there’s still an office full of folks, most of whom were vaguely aware of the wall full of stupid drawings, they just needed an easy window in. Since it was already on everyone’s mind, it’s got a horrific list of descriptors, most folks who’ve gone to elementary school, have created at least six and worst case you can trace your hand… The Annual Turkey draw was born.

So here’s the deal, we don’t judge birds, just appreciate them good bad or indescribable. If you’ve never drawn, this is the most welcoming time, and if you haven’t drawn in a while, now’s the time to show folks you’re still out there and if you’re a regular drawer, well hell, you knew this was coming!

So here’s what you’ve got to work with:

  • It’s a large bird that’s been bred to be abnormally plump and busty
  • Famed for being “Moist” (while unimportant, i know lots of folks who hate that word, so had to)
  • Has a long red fleshy ornament (called a snood) that grows from the forehead over the bill
  • Has a fleshy kinda sea creature looking wattle growing from its throat
  • Has some crazy long feathers sticking from it’s chest (called a beard)
  • Possess seemingly randomly placed spikes about its body, sorta like Conan’s varied pit fighting armor… only on a bird and without the underlying armor part
  • Can run crazy fast for a top heavy, fat bird, full of goo
  • It eats seeds, insects, and an occasional frog, lizard or…?
    • So trace you’re hand or recreate the last supper with sad eyed birds. So long as you’re having fun, we’ll appreciate the effort! And while you’re at it, dont forget to bully all your friends and family to draw. Cause it never hurts to remind them that no matter your place in the world, every one of us is entertained by poorly drawn birds! We’ll take submissions until midnight of the 24th, and after that it’s back to business… but for now Gooooble Freaking Gooble!!! Get to drawing!


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