Everything you need to know to draw the Mythical Ant-Lion

The Ant-Lion

Potentially The Dumbest Combo In A Medieval Beastiary!

You know how we all grew up thinking that “wrapped up like a douche…” was part of the chorus in Blinded by the Light! Well, it’s probably important to mention that most experts agree, that the Ant-Lion was a similar misinterpretation of some antiquated Hebrew in the Book of Job. That being said, most kids still sing “douche”, and once pics of the misinterpreted legend made the mainstream heraldry… it was here for good!

It’s a pretty straightforward set of descriptors attached to an incredibly morbid tale… But here’s what you’ve got!

  • The Product of a coupling between an ant and a Lion
  • Has the head of a lion
  • Has the body of an ant
  • Because it’s head is carnivorous and it’s body only digests grains, it only lives long enough to starve to death
    • Now most pics I’ve see have a full lion’s mane and a somewhat proportional bug bod… but pretty sure when we start with lions mating with ants, realistic portrayals tend to step aside, so if you want to put Simba’s lil noggin on a xenomorph, I think you’ll still be safely within the boundaries 😉


      That’s what you’ve got! So get out those pencils, go to town and send that sh*t in cause we’ve been hurting for drawers lately and I’m a man with too many shirts. You’ve got til the 9th…And you can’t win if you don’t draw! So get going!


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