The Tikbalang Entry # 6

The Tikbalang Entry # 6

You know given the current climate, I’m just going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mean this to represent the horrors that have historically tried to hold women down from their rightful place (which btw would be ruling this f’ing planet)… cause if not… ugh.


  1. David Hales says:

    Goal: to emulate in a small, humble way, Grimm’s Fairy tales, or Japanese Youkai– as a warning to children or naive, innocent people, etc. that the world is full of shitty, stupid and evil people, and other forces, that you must beware of. :)

  2. David Hales says:

    OH yes, and if you happen to be a guy whose foolishly nor worried about such things — don’t end up being one of the “evil doers”!!!!!

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