Everything You Need to Know to Draw a Merman!

The Merman

Just Like a Mermaid Only Manlier

It’s been dead round these parts, so we’re resurrecting a favorite from the archives! I like to assume everyone knows what a merman is but just in case:

  • Part man part fish, we let you decide the proportions but generally its the legs that go fishy
  • Often illustrated to have green seaweed-like hair, a beard, and a trident
  • Irish versions are described as extremely ugly creatures with pointed green teeth, pig-like eyes, green hair, and a red nose while Finnish versions are handsome strong and magical (we all know the truth is somewhere in the middle)
  • Mermen, much like mermaids can sing a beautiful song meant to lure sailors to their doom, summon storms etc!
    • We already did this guy way back in 2013 so I figure I’ll give you a gallery of the old mermen for inspiration and simply ask that you go to town!
      You’ve got til the 20th (420 even)… And you can’t win if you don’t draw! So get going!



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