Everything you need to know to draw a Lobster Boy!

Lobster Boy

Part Lobster Part Man!

Mythical beast or circus freak? I mean, it’s a valid question, but one which I rudely answer, “Shut it Mr, I wanna draws a people with lobster claws!”

Now that we have that out of the way let’s get down to business. First off let’s establish that there is a very famous real world Lobster Boy named Grady Stiles who’s tale is rife with carnie drama, alcohol, abuse and murder. If you wanna draw him, feel free… But I warn you, it is not a tale that impresses you with the kindness in humanity…

So I’m less interested in the disappointment that the real world wrought and way more into in the poster version. What the tens of thousands of kids buying their tickets to see said lobstosapien imagined they were going to see when they rounded that tent flap…

So here we go, make us proud!

  • Part lobster
  • Part man
  • Probably obscenely strong
  • One would assume smelly
  • Potentially delicious
    • reminder

      Like you need more than that! Just get your ass doodling, have fun and don’t forget to send it in! You’ve got til the 15th… And you can’t win if you don’t draw! So get going!


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