Most Everything you’ll need to know to draw Priapus as a Scarecrow!

Priapus as a scarecrow

The Spirit of Everlasting Boners Made of Stick, Stitch and Straw!

This is a gamble but sometimes when trolling for drawers you just gotta roll the dice! So here we go!

It’s September, so it’s harvest time, I figured we’d go back to our agricultural roots for reference… and what did i find there? Well dammit I learned that old timey Roman scarecrows were modeled after the one and only, son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, the spirit of oversized, and everlasting boners, Priapus!

Now why did they do this? Well first off, with his awkward, dwarfish build and giant malformed member, he was considered hideously ugly and therefore, good at scaring sh*t… But he was also a god of fertility, so you know… good for gardens!


So there you go, you know what scarecrows look like, and odds are, you know what a giant engorged member looks like… just you know, make it outta corn or somethin!

Just get to doodling cause I’m a man with too many shirts and a never ending want to laugh at some new drawings. You’ve got two weeks (due midnight the evening of 9/21)!


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