What You Need to Know to Draw Roudhofdi, The Worst Whale in the World!

The Roudhofdi = The Worst Whale in the World

So our official beast scouts (sean and sneurat) just got back from Iceland with a picture of a postcard explaining the legend of the Glymur waterfall… the following is my summary of just the beastie parts!

So to bulk up food stores for the dark, cold, winter, Icelanders used to go out to the tiny bird covered islands that litter their coast and “pick” eggs. Long ago, on one such expedition, a man from one of the parties was left behind.

Winter happened, everyone assumed him dead, but were all mightily surprised to find him healthy as feral icelandic horse and waiting for a ride home the following Spring.

A few months pass, and some random Sunday, the villagers notice a baby left in front of the church wrapped in a red fabric they don’t recognize, questions are asked, fingers are pointed… but the important part is this: Our mysteriously island survivor steps forward and says something to the nature of “I for sure do not know from whence this baby has come and even more so! I don’t care!”

Now here’s where you realize that the elven mother of his child and obviously unspoken reason for his overwinter survival is waiting in the wings. She finds herself rightfully displeased with this statement. She throws the red swaddling blanket at the man, says some stuff that culminates in “you will be the worst whale in the sea!” at which point the man runs to the cliffs merges with said blanket and swells into a gigantic red headed whale that falls into the fjord below… and has in fact, been the worst whale in the world ever since… terrorizing the waters of iceland for centuries.

here’s what you’re working with

  • It’s Icelandic
  • Obviously bad with honesty and relationships
  • Looks a lot like an angry whale with a red head
  • Has seemingly been on a fisherman gobbling, ship scuttling, pier smashing, tail slapping, temper tantrum for a few hundred years


So there you go, odds are you know what a whale looks like. And Iceland, it’s beautiful, barren and volcanic with torrid seas that are seemingly full of angry whales. So sharpen up that scribbler, and scrawl us a magically, meta morphed, madness maligned, marine mammal! Cause I’m a man with too many beast shirts and a need to share them. You’ve got two weeks… (drawings due midnight the evening of 10/26) Extra points if it’s fighting a Kraken!


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