Most Everything You Need to Know to Draw Belsnickel!


It’s Getting on Holiday Time, So Let’s Get Festive!

So the internet has no shortage of lists of long forgotten mythical holiday beasts! You know the ones that always start with Krampus and generally end with a pooping log or a yule cat er sumthin… Well we’re picking right from the middle of those lists this year, and going with Dwight Schrute’s favorite, Belsnickel! He’s dirty, he’s clad in tattered furs and not opposed to physical punishment.

Let’s see, first a lil origin for setting… The tale started in germany, as one of the many precursors to the commons santa myth, but it was when it followed the Pennsylvania dutch to the Americas that he really embedded himself the fears of the holiday youths.

What’s he do you ask? Well, pretty much the same thing as santa, just in an unpleasant, old timey, dressed like a drunken Grizzly Adams kinda way. He makes a lot of noise, he gives fruit and nuts from his bag to well behaved children and beats or chases the bad ones with a whip and or hickory switch. And instead of sneaking down your chimney in the middle of the night, he knocks on your freaking door…


here’s your official descriptors

  • Generally man sized and shaped
  • Clothed in tattered clothes and raggedy furs
  • Carries a bag full of cakes and nuts, a whip and a hickory switch/li>
  • His hair and beard are unkempt, tangled and smattered with sticks and leaves
  • Not a tremendous fan of naughty children

So there you go, You know the way this works there’s not really a ton of difference between Krampus, Belsnickel nor St Nick, so it’s up to you to make ’em yours and make em fun! So sharpen up that scribbler, and go to town. Cause I’m a man with too many beast shirts and a need to share them. And now I just learned they are migrating our servers thsi weekend so You’ve got and extra week… (drawings now due midnight the evening of 12/14)

Judgement Is Complete

First Place BelsnickelSo this one wins for three reasons, amazing body hair (let’s be honest just good hair all around), damn fine labeling of elements, and those surprisingly pert lil moobs whose shape cutting into the armpit tufts, surprise me everytime!

Know that judgement is now law and to the victor go the spoils! And don’t forget, you can always send your drawings of Belsnickel in late, you won’t win a shirt but I’ll gladly post it for everyone’s enjoyment!


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