Everything you need to know to draw the Monoceros!

the Monoceros

So this is another Pliny the Elder beast…

You know, the guy that thought giraffes were Camelopards etc… so for those of you who seek some realistic anchor to your imaginings… yeah, this is probably a rhinoceros…

But for all the rest of you! It’s a magical ass one horned beast that was first spotted in africa and given the following descriptors!

  • Body somewhat reminiscent of a horse (see sorta unicorny)
  • Has a meter long black horn protruding from it’s snout (stay on target)
  • Head of a Stag (ok we’re drifting a lil)
  • Tail of a wild boar (hmmmm?)
  • Feet of an elephant (…)
  • Impossible to capture alive!

So there you have it! Keep those pure white unicorns with their rainbow sprinkled elegance to yourselves… but do send us the all the scumbags, lowlifes and outsider ‘corns you can muster! I’ve got too many shirts and you’ve got two weeks (by morning of the 9th)… Go!

Judgement Is Complete

FirstPlaceMonocerosOur artist called this the space unicorn and dammit that made me almost want to change the name of the beast, plus you did a lil constellationy research and doodled us a damn fine and slightly ethereal beast in watercolors! I’ll be in touch about your shirt soon and thanks to all who drew!

Know that judgement is now law and to the victor go the spoils! And don’t forget, you can always send your drawings of a Monoceros in late, you won’t win a shirt but I’ll gladly post it for everyone’s enjoyment!


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