Everything you need to know to draw the Almas!


There’s been a lot of Russia in the news lately

Cause, sure, top level conspiracies grab eyeballs… but you know what else is a good headline?

Russians Has Bigfoots

And that’s what we’re concerning ourselves with this round! The Almas (or Almasty as that one sasquatch special continually calls them), have been frequenting the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of Central Asia for pretty much all of recorded history…

Where squatches in the Americas tend to lean towards the giant ape-ish oafs, their Russian counterparts tend to be described as closer to man sized, living in small Alma communities and perhaps with a lil more Neanderthal in the mix. They’re still covered in hair everywhere but their hands, feet and faces, and the hair tends to be sorta long thin and orangutan orange. But don’t worry, they still have big bare feets, they’re still incredibly strong and long of stride, and they still hit trees with other trees, cause #thud!

There are something like 10,000 recorded interactions with these beasts over time, and the tales are about as varied as they come so we’ll just say they range from: raiding modern Russian military outposts, to making love to lonely forest folks… and leave it at that!


So there you have it! Cross a sasquatch with what you know about Russia, and draw it! Cause we like silly drawings and I’ve still got too many shirts! You’ve got two weeks (by 11:59pm of the 12th)… Go!


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