Everything you need to know to draw the Mngwa!

The Mngwa

Africa’s Giantest, Mystery, Murder Cat!

So our cheap european hosting service is sorta showing why its so cheap lately and the sites been down a lot… and that destroys participation… so for that I apologize, hope there’s still some of you drifting by, and we can get this ramped up again… if you dont see the site, for a bit… don’t you worry… I’ll finish the contest up on FB or Instagram… I ain’t going no where (except maybe a new host!)… so anyways let’s get back to business

I’m keeping this short so you dont get bored…

  • It’s a giant killer african cat
  • It’s not a lion nor a leopard
  • It’s huge
  • It’s gray
  • It’s said to resemble a giant tabby cat


So there you have it! Just draw a giant kitten in africa! I’m betting we’re going to be hurting for drawers for a bit here, so if you’re reading this… draw damn you! Cause we like silly drawings and I’ve still got too many shirts!

Update 4/26/19!

Until I either get this site moved, or our host stops sucking… I’m just going to leave battle Mngwa open ended for now. No reason to put hard deadlines on something I’ll just have to change… We had like 7 years of consistent scheduling… so let’s just enjoy this lil impromptu chaos monkey! (note to self, draw chaos monkey) Anyways hang in there, I still got tons of shirts so we’ll be back in action soon! And no saying you cant go back and draw the beasts you’ve missed in the meantime!


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