Everything you need to know to draw the Ichtyocentaur

the Ichtyocentaur

Upper Body of a Man, Lower Body Of a Horse, Butt Of a Fish!

Feels like it’s been freaking forever… but technical difficulties behind us, we’re goin’ at this again! I’m keeping this simple so you have plenty of time to do your part and draw us some F’ing beasts!

Here’s what you’ve got:

  • head and upper body of a man
  • lower body and legs of a horse
  • a fishes tail
  • maybe a crown of lobster claws
  • additional accessories may include: clams, beard, tritans and piercing eyes


Now there’s stuff to read if you want, there’s two Ichytyocentaur brothers named Aphros and Bythos who are sorta vaguely famous in greek myth… some link the beasts to some degradation of the original tellings of Dagon the almighty fish god… But really I just want to see a bearded lobster with horses hooves, so get your scribblers sharpened and send me some beasts! Cause we like silly drawings and I’ve still got too many shirts!

Judgement Is Complete

First Place Ichthyocentaur Drawing So we aren’t talking huge numbers this round … but something something motion of the ocean… haha anyways We’re crowning this lisp insensitive, tiny armed tyson on deer legs the champ cause dammit it just makes me laugh! I’ll be in touch about your shirt and thanks to all who drew!

Know that judgement is now law and to the victor go the spoils! And don’t forget, you can always send your drawings of the ichthyocentaur in late, you won’t win a shirt but I’ll gladly post it for everyone’s enjoyment!


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